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Saturday, November 6, 2010

For the Love of Stone-Ground Grits

Goin' to the mill today to buy fresh, stone-ground grits 'n cornmeal!

Can you believe this 1860's gristmill remained open until 1968? Anyway, it's open today for the Kenan's Mill Fall Festival & Bluegrass Event. So, while I purchase my meal, I get to listen to The Grasshopper Stringband, young Caleb Bryant & The Carrel Family over at the bandstand. 

I  might even try a hand at molding some Alabama clay into pottery or "walking" across Valley Creek on the swinging bridge. There's a "beehive" charcoal kiln on the other side, and I can take some really cool photos from inside looking up through the smokestack to the sky. 

Then, I think I'll head on over to the vittles wagon for some Hoppin' John and maybe a burger or some of those homemade cookies made by the local Master Gardeners. I reckon they can bake as well as garden! 

If I had younguns, they'd run over to those inflatable game things and then they'd want to ride in the hay wagon. 

I'm gonna take an extra dollar to donate for the chance to win a homemade quilt. Then, I might just settle down on a hay bale and watch the fiddlers while they play!

Have a great weekend! I sure plan to!

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  1. I may live in Vermont, but I LOVE grits AND sweet potato bisquits! I always stock up on both when disaster deploments bring me south.
    I am a horrid cook so I have never made either one from scratch myself, but the local store is now selling sweet potato pie every week and I am sneaking over there often to git me some!

    Come visit when you get a chance: