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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"P" for Alabama PICKER (ABC Wednesday)

It's ABC Wednesday, and the Letter of the Week is "P." So here's The Alabama PICKER, a series of Picks I found in Alabama, and  yes, this is similar to The History Channel's popular "American Pickers" TV show where Antique Archaeologists Mike and Frank travel all across America in search of a few good pickings that they can sell for profit. Except I'm not sellin' or tellin' exactly where I found these PICKS! Can you believe I came across this really, really old shell of a vehicle in a ditch somewhere? Well, yes I did, and it's just lucky I had my camera! Mike would love this pick! I just don't know how he'd haul it out of this place, and most likely none of it is salvageable! Sorry, Mike!

Photo courtesy of Christine Weerts
Now, a friend found this great Drink Coca-Cola, Sign of Good Taste sign. I will hint that it's in  Wilcox County! Only thing, I don't think it's in good enough condition to suit Frank!

Moving on, how about this June 7, 1944 edition of The Birmingham News? It headlines the D-Day Invasion, and notice that the price of the paper was just a nickel! Wonder what it's worth now!

Below on the left, I found a 1978 Alabama National Championship poster from back when the "Bear" was still coach. It's in an indoor flea market. Hey, this would make a great Christmas gift for some reminiscent, all-out Bama fan!

Finally, wonder if anybody collects George Wallace memorabilia? Here's a Wallace button from our former governor's presidential campaign of around 40 years ago! It surely isn't worth a fortune, but it's definitely an historic Alabama Pick!

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  1. Interesting Picks. I love collecting memorbilia from my state too. Good choice for the letter P.

  2. I think you made some wonderful finds here!

  3. Actually, the Wallace button is probably the most interesting, if it's legit; lots of knockoffs out there.

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, thank you!

  4. Well, that IS interesting, Roger, and the button is legit! Thanks for your comment.

  5. Oh, these are great picks - what an interesting post!

  6. I don't even know what that top one is! LOL! Interesting finds though - and I love searching for things like this, too!

    I actually bought a couple of 'I like Ike' buttons one time when I was in the US! 'Ike' is one of my son's nicknames and he gave one to his girlfriend.