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Friday, February 4, 2011

Cryin' in the Rain

Okay. It can stop raining now.

And a few 75-degree days will be appreciated.

Can’t hurt if the sun shines either — for more than an hour or two.

And if I read any Facebook posts where people say they are thankful for rain because of the flowers it will bring, well…they can just go take a walk in a pasture!


Let 'em wade through mud up to their knees.

Let 'em drive a truck through the seeps.

Let 'em try to pull an animal out of a ditch.

Let 'em stretch five bales of hay into 50 because it's too cold and wet for grass to grow.

Not only that, but this has been one extended miniseries of a winter!

It all started last year. If those cold rains weren't enough, the rains of this year have been absolutely CHILLING, kind of like Misery, if you know what I mean!

So now we have Cryin’ in the Rain II. 

It’s so wet that farm trucks are covered in mud. There’s no sense washing them, because like determined little boys, they just go right back out and get covered in mud again.

It was so wet last year that ducks and geese turned a nearby hayfield into a habitat. They swam where I have never seen fowl swim before.  

It’s so wet and so gray that for once the groundhog didn’t see his shadow. So maybe, just maybe, spring is coming soon!

But unlike Groundhog Day (the movie), I’m hopin’ next winter doesn’t repeat this winter all over again…and again…and again! 


  1. I feel for you! I'm near Dallas and only went to work on Monday this past week! ice/sleet and then 6" of snow yesterday have is totally bamboozled...I cannot wait to get back outside on dry ground!

  2. Yuck, that is a lot of mud. I can understand why you are tired of the rain. We are getting rain now and I am hoping it will wash all the snow away. Hopefully, the sun will come out and dry up all that mud.

  3. It sure does look muddy there for sure! Want to trade my snow for my rain. :))

  4. OOP! I think I said that wrong. Do you want to trade your rain for my snow is what I meant. :)

  5. EG, I sure would prefer your snow to my rain right now! We've been having cold, icy rains and occasional freezing rain all winter long!

  6. That's a lot of mud! Great shots -especially that first one.

  7. wow! Lot's of unpleasant work to do! the photos were enjoyable though...

  8. Come to Iowa, we had 13 inches of snow this week, nice photo story!

  9. Wow, that's a lot of mud! I'm sorry :-( We're stuck with far too much ice and snow -- at least in my opinion, I'm ready for Spring!

    Visiting from Camera Critters.

  10. Iowa GW, We have never seen that much snow! But we did get 11 inches in March of '93, which of course is about a 100-year snowstorm for us. We've had no accumulating snow so far this year, although there's a slight possibility next week.

  11. Tina, Thank you for following my blog!